This is a Rubens Tube. It is a really, really cool thing. Flammable gas is piped into the tube, and it escapes from the ~300 tiny holes evenly spaced in a straight line down the top of the tube. When lit, it looks like an 8-foot long Menorah (with 300 candles), which is sort of cool, but that’s not why this thing is fun.

On one or both ends, the tube is sealed with a speaker. When sound is played through the speaker(s), it causes the flames to…articulate. Basically, the flames dance and move with the music. It works with any sound input, and if you use a tone of a single wavelength you can see the shape of that tone in the fire. You can even measure the wavelength directly with a ruler or a tape measure.

I can’t post any video yet, but as soon as my clients give me the go-ahead, that video is going up…